1. July 2017
Facts and How Tos

What is wet shaving?

If only my grandfather could read this…

Wet shaving has a lot of history behind it. Take for example Alexander the Great. He was forcing his soldiers to shave every time before any battle. No, it’s not that he preferred men this way. He knew that the enemy can pull their beards in a battle at his advantage. Needless to say, this would consist a deadly mistake.

Well, I don’t think that the soldiers were using a safety razor and shaving cream in front of a mirror. From my understanding, they probably used a sharp knife or equal. Anyway, we’re missing the point here.

Today we’re going back to basics. talking about wet shaving. Certainly, the definition is not something complicated for someone to understand.

There are yet, a few more things that a wet shaving beginner needs to know before starting his adventure. This is a manly journey, where you have to go alone and you need to stand brave. There will be times that you’ll want to go back. But at the same time, you’ll understand that there’s no turning back.

We’re getting off track once again, aren’t we?

What is wet shaving really? And what does someone need to wet shave? How do you wet shave?

Sooner or later, these are the types of questions all men will answer by themselves. If not, their fathers or grandfathers will help.

What is wet shaving?
What set up do you need to wet shave?
Shaving Brush
After Shave

How to wet shave properly

Prepare your skin for shaving
Time for lathering
Shaving time
After shave
Costs of wet shaving

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