AA few days ago, I got my new smartphone. The Huawei® P9. This is my fist Huawei® because I used to be a fan of Sony®. 

I discovered this brand when I was at the local electric shop looking for a smartphone because mine was stolen in the tube. I liked the elegant design a lot but at that moment I just wanted to buy a cheap one. Now I renewed my contract with my phone company  Vodafone and I could choose a new smartphone. So I chose Huawei® 😉

My new smartphone arrived in a posh box whith several sub boxes. The design of the packages was really luxurious. Have a look.


Here are some specifications:

huaweiThe Huawei P9 was announced to much fanfare as the first smartphone co-engineered with the iconic camera brand Leica. As such, Huawei’s new flagship phone comes with the mission to “reinvent smartphone photography”, and its camera setup is looking quite intriguing. On its back we see a dual-camera affair comprised of two 12MP snappers – one takes photos in color, while the other shoots monochrome images in greater detail. The increased light sensitivity of the camera tandem should result in outstanding low-light performance. Cameras aside, the Huawei P9 shines with its premium design. It is built of aerospace-grade aluminum with rounded edges for greater comfort and is available in several striking colors, including Haze Gold and Ceramic White. A potent hardware setup and a long-lasting battery complete the package.

Today I was out for breakfast with my man and I made some pictures in the nearby Victoria park which has a beautiful water fall. Here are the results. I love the monochrome feature of the second camera a lot. Black and white photos are so stylish. Please bear in mind, that I’m not a photographer at all. I just like to make pictures of the things I like or the things I cook 🙂

I didn’t modify the hue or saturation in Photoshop. I just resized the photos tho optimize them for this website to avoid slow loading.



A good friend of mine, who is a passionate and, at the contrary of me, a good photographer http://www.brillski.de showed me the link to a blog of another photographer, who wrote a post about the results of the monochrome camera of the Huwawei P9. Have a look there as well http://saschahoecker.de/leica-trifft-huawei/