I and my man have lived in China (Guangzhou Canton) for almost four years. During that time we also visited great places like Xi’An, Beijing, Shanghai, Macau and of course Hong Kong.

But we also visited other asian countries like Malaysia (Langkawi Borneo, Kota Kinabalu and Kuala Lumpur). And we also visited one of the most bautiful countries with great and friendly people and the best Asian foood ever: Vietnam. 

Vietnam not only has a great nature (Halong Bay) and beautiful cities (Hanoi, Saigon and Hoi An) but it is a delight to go out eating. Of course there are fine Vietnamese Restaurants. Elegant and posh like the “Club Opera” but there are also nice food markets with authentic unpimped real Vietnamese food. Locals are sitting on low plastic stools (often pink) in front of the stall and are eating and chitchatting.

I love those places, because the food is delicious and so simple. 

This reminds me of the time my man and I were in Anglor Wat, Angkor Thom nearby Siem Rep in Cambodscha. We had a private driver and guide who was a tourisitic student and he showed us a place in front of Angkor Wat. It was an open place with a thatched roof and tome plastic tables and chairs. There was a lady behind the coocking place and one could she that she was the boss 🙂

I ordered a curry (the only dish they offered) and as a drink I chose sugar cane juice which was feshly pressed (well it looked more like if a sugar cane was shredded 🙂 ). It was the very very best curry I’ve EVER eaten.

But let|s go back to Neukölln in Berlin 😉 

Today we stroolled in the Weser Street area to get some delicious pastry from Martin’s Place in the Pannier street. On our wy there I spotted a nice place calles “Maison Han”. I was wondering if it would be another Turkish restaurant (Neukölln used to be very Arabic/Turkish which is fortunately changing now by becoming more and more international like in my hometown Amsterdam) but than one of the guys who work there brought a coffe to one of the guests who sat outside.

He was an Asian guy and so I knew that it was probaly a vietnamese restaurant (the french/vietnamese name). After buying five(!) huge pieces of cake at Martin’s place, we went to have a bite *grin*. The pace looks really great, clean and fresh but not cold and unpersonal. A really friendly place to sit, linger and to enjoy a nice Vietnamese breakfast.

The staff was friendly, smiling and really helpful. Like the Vietnamese I met in Vietnam. We ordered some real Vietnamese Coffee. The coffee you can also buy in the shops there is just amazing. Aromatic. We bought about 5 Kilos when we were in Saigon to take back to Guangzhou.

It is served like this. A glass with sweetened condensed milk in it and on top an iron filter with coffee and hot water. The extracted coffee drips through the filter in the glass on top of the condensed sweet milk. After the the coffee is in the glass completely,  the two components are stirred to one and than it’s hhhhmmmmmmmmmmm 🙂 

The breakfast was tasting… Vietnamese, I can’t describe what is Vietnamese taste. It is subtle and very specific. it’s fresh and sweet, salty, sour. No idea 🙂 But is’s just perferct. We had fried eggs (sunny side up) with cubes of wonderfully seasoned beef. Fresh salad accompanied this delight. And we got some jasmine tea as well.

When our cofee was served, we reminded that our vietnamese coffee never drips that slow like the one we got now. I asked one of the guys how that comes and he explained the making of a good Vietnamese Coffee very detailed and with a lot of expertise.

It was a really nice  unexpected moment to have breakfast in Maison Han! We will surely return there to enjoy some of the other delicacies. Oh by the way! They have some great looking cake as well and matching coffee creations 🙂

Here some Impressions I shot today


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