Berlin is Hype, En Vogue, Trendy, Chique, Top-Notch, Formidable, Geweldig, Sjiek and I could go on for hours listing superlatives for this exciting city.

Due to the popularity of Berlin more and more quarters, who had an infamous reputation,  become very hype themselves. One of those quarters is Neukölln, which used to be  one of those areas you better avoid during the night. It was often called mulitcultural, but I was strictly turkish/arabic.

For me personally it was NOT multicultural. I am from Amsterdam and there all cultures qand nationalities are living together is a melting pot of nationalities, religions, sexual preferences, art and food traditions. So I am used to a REAL multicultural society.

This multicultural phenomen is arriving now to Neukölln. Finally and fortunately I want to say!

And one of the consequences of this movement are nice places like Café fellfish. Café Fellfisch is very special. You can get yourself golden cookies but also a golden bracelet 🙂 I hear you think “What does that guy talk about?”.

Fellfisch is a multifunctional Café. The owner  Eve is an artist when she bakes cakes, cookies, and great food amd she is also a magician when she creates breathtaking jewellery. The café is understated elegant in soft unobstrusive colours with cozy corners where one can sit and relax, read a book or work at his laptop. I am in the lucky position to live just around the corner and to be able to indulge myself with great delicasies, nice conversations with the oh so friendly guys and gals who take care of all the needs of the guests. Cullinary needs of  course 🙂

The ingerdients which are used for the famous breakfast of Fellfish are of very high quality. A wonderful contrast to 99% of the breakfasts one finds in Berlin whith crappy discounter products.

In Café fellfisch all the food is home-made! Every plate on the menu is made by the team of Fellfisch. 

And not only the food is home made, also the jewelery is designed and created by Eva. And boy does she make beautiful things! My man and I both have great rings made by this lady.

Have a look at those two beauties.


Café Fellfisch is an oasis in a busy and, sometimes, hectic city with lovely people, great food and the perfect place to get an awesome pice of jewelry for your loved one or just to give yourself a present 🙂

Some impressions.

Here’s the location of this lovely spot:

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