Bottega Nr. 6 | Lovely Italian deli

I love good food and i am quite picky. In another life I’ve been working in the most luxurious restaurants in Switzerland and so I know good food when I taste it. Since quite a few years berlin has become a city in which good food is not rare anymore. It’s not like Paris or Milano, but it’s getting there.

What I like most is the fact that new small eateries are opening every day. It’s exciting to try the food there and to find out how creative and how the quality of the offered plates are.

A short time ago I met an aqaintance and he told me, that he had opened a small place with Itialian specialities. The guy is Italian, so he knows where to get the good stuff 🙂 Today my man and I went to Bottega Nr. 6 (Facebook page here) to have a look. I really liked what I saw. It’s not posh but authentic and homey. A place to feel good. The guy who welcomed us was very friendly and  suave. 

I saw food in the notions counter that looked good and there was also quite some wine. They aso sell great coffee and I advice everybody to get a tin of moka or espresso.

My man ordered Lasagne and I ordered chicken with vegetables.

The lasagne was much finer (more thinner layer as otherwise) and and my chicken and the vegetables, that came with the chicken, were a real palatal indulgence. There was one nice déjà vu. When I was living in Switzerland I loved to drink Sanbitter & Crodino. And at Bottega Nr. 6 they have a beverage that’s quite alike. It’s called Chinotto. I dont drink much alcohol and certainly not during daytime.

We had coffee aftterwards. Of course is the coffee in an italian eatery with a patron, who gets his products directly from Italy, just great.

Here you see some impressions of  Bottega Nr.6 in Neukölln



Here you can find the Bottega:

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