I love Berlin. I love the international atmosphere, the hustle and bustle of the traffic the “I can’t be bothered”-Attitude, the mix of languages and the countless flavours one can explore and enjoy.

Berlin has a lot in common with Amsterdam, the capital of the netherlands where I was born and raised. Berlin and Amsterdam have a lot in common, even though Amsterdam is much smaller than Berlin, they both are metropolises. Amsterdam is the city in which live the most nationalities worldwide. There are 180 nationalities living in Amtserdam and the racial and ethnic makeup of Amsterdam as of 2012 was 49.5% Dutch and 50.5% foreign.

Amsterdam is known for its live-and-let-live attitude and acceptance, as well as its rich history. Its cannabis coffee shops, red-light district and historical sites like the Van Gogh Museum and Anne Frank House draw in over 15.000.000 million visitors each year.

Yesterday I discovered a place here in Berlin, which would perfectly fit in Amsterdam as well. I’m talking about Benedect. A restaurant where one can eat a gorgeous braktfast 24/7. Now the one or the other night owl, who hits the clubs regularly, might think “Well that’s probably one of those spots where ome only survive totally drunk because it’s run down.” Indeed, normally such places are not the most posh establishments of the city, but Benedict is totally different.

Benedicht is located in the  Uhlandstraße 49, 10719 Berlin. 030 994040997

An elegant restaurant designed in a mixture with industrial and cozy elements. White tiled walls and cuddly chairs and benches partly overlayed with smooth velvet. The wallpaper is quite odd, but it just fits perfectly in this beautiful surrounding. It makes the whole place a bit homey 🙂 Just great.

Here you can see more information about Benedict: WebsiteFacebook | Instagram | Yelp

Here some impressions of Benedict:

The menu is mouth watering and one wants to order it all. Beware, even if you think “I’m hungry, so I’ll take two plates!” you might be surprised how rich their breakfasts are. And they are DE-LI-CIOUS. Not your common “ham-cheese-slami”-stuff, but uncommon creations from all nations worldwide. Each plate is it’s own little gem and pure indulgence for your palates.

The guys and gals who took care of us, where friendly, relaxed and professional. And the host who seated us was also very kind and offered anothers when I told him, that there will be two children (3 years and 4 months old). And the table turned out to be much m0re confortable with little children.

They have awesome cocktails by the way 🙂 I had a Morning Martini which went down like silk and made my birthday a bit more special 🙂

And their bread… It tastes like, as we in Holland say, if an angle flies over your tongue. Fresh, smooth and tasty. One could spend the whole breakfast with bread only and be happy.

The bread and pastry is baked in their very own bakery which is adjacent to the restaurant so you can rest assured that you only get the best quality. After ordring a basket with rolls is served with butter and the most gorgeous apple “marmelade” (not the right description but it’ll do). This delight can be bought, so one can luxuriate at home in sweet memories of the brakfast one enjoyed at Benedict 🙂

And here I’ve added some pictures of Benedict’s delights 🙂 I am very sure you’ll get hungry 🙂