Today my boyfriend and I did something we really like: Strolling through the Orainenstraße (Orianien sreet). I remember this street from the time I was partying through Berlin’s night-life. And boy did I party 🙂

The Oranienstreet used to be very alternative and a bit grungy, but very exciting. Nowadays, since Berlin becomes more and more popular by the visitors from all over the world, it is getting more and more hip. But not high class and glossy like other areas in Berlin. There are loads of second-hand shops, even bigger loads if international food spots and other shops where you can get nice stuff like e.g. a great comic shop.

But in this post I wanted to talk about a hot deli named “Angry Chicken”. They offer south-korean food, mainly chicken (well one could presume that already by the name of the place 😉 ).

They have “Sexy Chicken”, “Angry Chicken” and “Furious Chicken” just to name a few of their dishes. The place is small and you order the food at the counter and sit on stools at steel tables.

The food is really great, except for the kimchi which is quite waterish, and tasty. I had the “Sexy Chicken” which was soysauce with garlic and we shared sweet potato chips. Was really good and spicy.

They play great music which reminds me of “cantonpop” which is a kind of poular music played in Canton China (I lived in China for almost four years). But in this plce the music was less melancholic than in China. But the girls lookedline little cantopop stars in the video 🙂


Here you can see a part of the pop videos shown in Angry Chicken. Maybe this is funnier for me as for my visitors, because I have nice memories about my time in China and seeing things that remind me of that time just make me smile 🙂

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Here is the location of Angry Chicken:

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