rob01I have a small head (but a large brain 😉 ). My hat size is 55. I love flat caps. I have a hard time finding cool flatcaps  in y size. Flat caps are very fashionable in Berlin and so there are quite a few shops which offer them.

But it seems that guys with my head size are ignored. BUT!…. I have found  a great shop by coincidence now. I walked through the Motzstraße in Berlin Schöneberg and I noticed a really nice shop window with great hats. Nice Panama hats and also great flatcaps.

I thought “Oh well let’s give it a try. Maybe they have flat caps in my size.” So I went in and I askdd the guy in the shop if he also sells size 55. With 100% naturalness”Of course we have size 55. Let me show you some caps.”

And he did a great job advising me about which cap would suit me best. Each design is also available in my size and the prices are amazing. 

They have a long experience in selling importing high quality hats and caps and so th know what they’re doing. I love my hat because it is the first one which really fits perfectly. It is really important that a hat or a cap fits snug like a glove, because it gives more self esteem than when a cap is not fitting flawlessly.


I am glad that I found this shop becauee now I have an adress where I can buy my hats in the future 🙂

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