Women bitching about beards

There’s a lot of talking nowadays about beards. It seems that everyone has something to say about it. So called “Fashion Experts” are stating since a year now that the beard is dead and that it is not fashionable to wear a beard anymore. Bulltshit. Than there are women who scream around that beards are unhygienic and that men always have food in their beard and fleas. Quite funny that only beards seem to be full of fleas. Wonder why they’re not in women’s long hair 😉

It is very okay if a woman doesn’t like men with beards, but it is NOT okay when they started bitching around and acting disdainful towards us bearded men. They get so agressive and hysterical when they state how ugly, dirty and scruffy beards look. 

There is this little myth about faecal bacteria in beards. Some strange Institute states that after some silly tests they made. Faecal bacteriea are everywhere because our environment is dirty. When entering the tube and touching something, you touch billions of bacteria from thousands of people. Keyboards from laptops are dirty as hell and so are smartphones. Here’s a little vid about the bearded drama 🙂

And the ladies love to use this as an argument, ignoring the fact that the majority of us bearded men are taking care of their beards and taking a shower daily. Like every gentleman I take a shower every day. I shave my skull, I wash my beard and I clean my body (including belly button. A doctor once said most people forget that). After that I will wash my beard with a special beard shampoo and I will use a  leave-in beard cream conditioner to mke my beard soft as silk. I will brush my beard to spread the conditoner all over my beard and to enhance the blood circulation af my skin. And when I am ready to go to work, I apply some beard oil, to make my beard shine and to give my beard some extra nurture.

I am sure that there are loads of women with heavy make-up and loads of perfume, who are not as fastidious about their hygiene as most bearded men are!

And there is a nice argument I love to use when I meet a bitch… There is another test which proofs that handbags and make-up like lipsticks and eye-shadow are really dirty and full of faecal bacteria 😉 Watch the clip 🙂

So if a lady is reading this post, ask yourself when you cleanded your purse last time 🙂