For living in Berlin and working from Monday to Friday in Hamburg, I get quite a good insight in both cities. 

In Hamburg, I work in the most fashionable and posh areas of the city just around the corner from the famous Gänsemarkt (Goose Market) and the, even more famous, Jungfernstieg. In this area one finds all luxury designers, delis and all  the items we don’t need but still need so bad 🙂

In Berlin, I live in one of the most upcoming hipster areas calles Neukölln. Neukölln used to be very infamous, but thank to the allover influence of gentrification, this area has become very popular and becomes more and more expensive. Last year, the rent has risen 19%.

So I am quite a lucky guy having the privlege to work in a nice area in a great company with awesome collegues and to live in two different cities and to get the best of both 🙂

In both cities shopping is great but different. Hamburg is a bit more posh, exclusive, classic and traditional. Berlin is more innovative, particular, creative.

I love the special restaurants in Berlin. I love the fact that one is able to “eat around te globe”. It always reminds me a bit of my city Amsterdam where cosmopolitalism has been a tradition for centuries. I also love the countless startups, which sell new products or detect the signs and the taste of the times.

And today, I wanted to buy a present for my brother in lawand I heard about a shop in which they sell items which are perfect for gentlemen.

It is called soul objects and their website was very promising ad so I went there to see if I could find te right present. When I entered the shop, it was like entering a gent’s paradise full of items each man loves.

Nice stationeries, wonderfull leather bags,, self-knotted bowties, shaving equipment, beard oils, art and countless other nice things.

I bought a great cook book called “Dandy Kohbuch” (Dandy Cookbook) for my brother in law.

The interior is very special but homey and stylish.

I recommend all gents to have a look there and to indulge oneself and/or a good friend by getting one or more beautiful items.

Here are some impressions I made when visiting there.