I had seen those cool towels for quite a while  already. But I was thinking by myself “Oh well, the’re  plenty of towels here.” But the material of these towels is thick terrycloth and when I drown such a towel with cold water to cool my skin after shaving, the towel is too thick and not soft enough for my stressed skin.

So I just decided that this handsome man needs the elegant shaving towels from Mühle 🙂  So I went online and bought them at Heldenlounge (Hero’s Lounge)

Today my parcel arrived and my 4 Towels and my organic after shave balm were where they belong. With me 🙂

They feel absolutely fabulous 🙂 Soft but still solid and the square relief structure not only looks so elegant, it also makes a larger surface to be able to absorb more water.

One really nice detail is the relief word “Rasurkultur” (Shaving Culture) worked in the bottom edge of the towels. Here you can see, when you have a close look.


It looks very elegant in combination with my other products from Mühle in my shelf 🙂

One can create his own private barber shop in once’s bathroom 😉