preshave03Unfortunately I have a very sensitive skin. I inherited that from my father who had a very strong beard (during summer he had to shave three times a day) and and an extremely sensitive skin. When he left the bathroom after shaving his face was always plastered with pieces of cigarette paper.

My beard is not that strong, but I have my share of bleeding and razor burn. Especially the right side of my throat is sensitive like hell. So I’m always looking for products which give me release and who prevent or at least relieve shaving irritation. I often heard that pre shave helps avoidning razor burn and other irritiations, but here in Germany there are not so many products. 

I have to say that Europe is quite backwards when it comes to beard products compared to te U.S. and the U.K. when I see all the companies and their products at Instagram. But than I found the pre shave from Proraso and knowing that this company has a large tradition in developing and producing high quality shave and beard products, I bought one tile of pre shave at Heldenlounge.

preshave02Yesterday it  was delivered at the office, with other items I bought and this morning I tried it for the first time. When it opened the tile, I immediately smelled the well-known scent of Proraso. Eucalyptus, camphor and menthol pleased my nose like an early-.bird aroma therapy. The texture is rich and very smooth. It really feels like a cream.

I had my skin prepared with a hot towel (I bought some awesome shaving towels at Mühle. Read here more  about it) so my throat was stil a bit damp and I applied the pre shave cream. The cream feels very fresh and pleasant. One notices that the cream is working, because it tingles in a pleasant and fresh way. I prepared my lather (slowly counting ’till 30) so the cream was able to be absorbed by my skin. After preparing my lather, the cream was not visible anymore.

So I applied the shaving foam richly and grabbed my beautiful chrome safety razor from Mühle and started shaving.

I was amazed how different the shave felt. The baldes went much smoother over my skin and there were no irritations at all after I was done shaving. After dapping my skin with  a cold wet towel, I touched my throat and was amazed how soft  the skin was and how smooth. I had the impression, that the sahve had been much closer than wirthout the pre shave cream from Proraso.

Proraso declares the cream also to be perfect as an after shave product. I haven’t treid that, because I use after shave balms from Mühle or Proraso. But I can imagine, that the cream is a perfect product for after shaving.