I think you’ve noticed, that I am a vain guy. I love to dress stylish and I love to take good care of myself by visiting a high class classic barber who gives me a good haircut and a great beard groom.

At home I’ve quite a large colection of grooming products. I am very keen of good quality and natural ingredient. That’s why I don’t buy those products at the local drugstore but omline at selected omline shops or at my barber. A classic shave is a great experience and so relaxing. And  when I want to indulge myself in a special way, I use my warm beard oil from Proraso. That’s a wonderful product, which gives some extra care to a man’s beard. I prefer the fresh scent of cedar wood and Mediterranean citrus.  The oil is vegan and made in Italy. Actually I’m very fond of the products of Proraso. They’re good quality, smell great and are moderate priced.

At Heldenlounge, I discovered a new Product from Proraso. A eau de cologne. It has the same scent as the beard oil and the beard wash, which I also use to wash my beard. Today it was delivered and I was anxious to find out how it smells.


When comparing it with the beard oil, it doesn’t smell exactly the same. But I assume, that it is because the liquids are different. It’s slightly different but it lasts quite long. At the time of wrting it is 11:23 pm and I sprayed the eau de cologne at 5:00 pm on my hand. I can still smell a hint of the cologne, but very subtle.

The bottle has the same design as the rest of the Wood & Spice line and I think it#s a great backing to the beard oil in the morning.

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