From the traditional italian  company Proraso, which was founded in 1908 and produces high quality grooming products for gentlemen with demands and style, I use already the shaving soap and te beard balm.

So many stylish, high quality "wannahave" Items

So many stylish, high quality “wannahave” Items

During my last visit at Mühe Barbershop I was browsing through the lovely products, which are so flamboyant displayed in the shop, and I saw an appealing little flask which told me that I should buy it. For me being so obedient if a a nice product demands me to buy it, I just did as I was told to do 😉

This oil has the same very high quality as all the other products of Proraso and it smells fantastic fruity with a hint of mint. The oil feels luscious when applying it in the beard and afterwards my beard has a brillant lustre.

I really love it and it has become my favourite beard oil.