The well-known products from OAK are the hautevolee of the beard products.  Made of the best ingredients, are they giving beards the best possible care. Not only that they are of highest quality, they also are luxurious and lavishly and smell delicious. 

When washing the beard with the OAK beard soap, it’s like enjoying an aroma therapy. The beard and the skin become not only clean but the beard becomes also soft like silk. When applying the beard balm the softness is even more enhanced after using the OAK beard brush  to work the balm deep in the porosities of the beard hair.

As an apotheosis the beard oil is applied in the beard. It caresses each single hair and it also nutrues the skin (good remedy when the skin itches).

The Balm which gives hold to the beard smells, of course, as lovely as all the other products of the OAK family. The balm is not sticky but still forms the beard and takes care that a gent looks smart all day 🙂

The product line is a small beard caress universum and just a masculine and pure indulgment made in Berlin.

Even my duckling LOVES OAK products 🙂



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