I was quite busy lately by attending SAP Trainings (I wonder why the International Training Center is located in the middle of nowhere and not in the capital of Germany Berlin) and so I was not really able to visit a decent barber because when I had some spare time, all the barbers were fully booked and, to be honest, I was just too tired to mokove through the city to visit a barber. So I just went quickly to some no-name barbers.

They do a good job, but the experience is not really  refined. They offer the same service the fancy barbers do, but is is less elegant, savvy. It’s all a bit loveless.

So this Saturday I pormised myself a real nice treat and wanted to book an appointment at one of my regulars. The Mühle Barbershop in the Hackesche Höfe or the Rowdy Barbershop in the Kollwitzstrasse. Unfortunately, or better fortunately :), they had no appointments available. So I was already expecting to go to one of the basic barbers once more.

But than an article, which I had read, came in my mind. It was about a nomad who barbers. Quite an extraordinary story which you can explore in the video below or in the article which you can read here.

It’s about a guy who decided to travel the globe to combine barbering with travelling and to discover the history and secrets of barbering around the world. I travelled the world myself a bit and this idea of Miguel really appeals to me! I am really into all the barber stuff. I am proud being able to grow a beard, I like the masculinity behind it, I love the barber way of dressing and I love to groom my beard (and all the rest too of course) and to have a range of caring and grooming products to nurture my beard.

Yeah yeah I admit it 🙂 I am a vain bloke, as you can see below 🙂


So back to Nomad. I made an appointment and they actually had time for me. I am always looking forward to it. Getting grommed, indulged and taken care of is always so nice.

When I arrived, I was impressed by the front of the shop. It looks elegant understated and very appealing.


When entering one lands in a clean and light environment. Quite relaxing. The walls are covered with vitrines with countless “wannahave” items 🙂 Beard balms, beard oils, beard brushes, razors. I discovered also some items from Mühle. Nomad barbers and Mühle Shaving cooprtate as I found out. I love Mühle a lot as you can find out here.

The lady behind the desk approached me very friendly and I told her that I was appointed at 4 pm. The showed me the way to the barbering area and I went downstairs. I could smell the scent of Proraso which is an extremely pleasant one. I was greeted by a gent behind a bar who asked me if i would like to drink something. He’s a true barista and one can drink an excelllent espresso made by him.

Although being situated in the basement, the room it bright and open.

My barber Nick greeted me with a handshake and we went to my chair. We had a good conversation whilst he was taking care of my hair giving me a perfect haircut. he’s very accurate and really knows what he’s doing. I also booked a wet towel shave and he treated me with several hot and cold towels. After shaving, which felt smooth and lightly, Nick indulged me with a face massage which was my first one. An acupressure massage.

It felt great after the stressy week I had!

Nomad Barber is a real great experience and the guys and gals there are all very  friendly, relaxed and also very professional. Here you can see some impressions.

And this barber is only four tube stations away from me, so it is easy to get there to get the next indulgement 🙂

Here you can see a video about the life of Miguel Gutierrez.

Here you can see the two locations in Berlin and London