Today my first shaving brush from Mühle, which I ordered at Heldenlounge has arrived. I also ordered shaving oil from the Italian brand Proraso.

The small package had a very posh inlay of tissue paper with the company logo in which the products were wrapped.

The shaving brush was extra packed in an round paperbox case in stylish Mühle grey also wrapped in tissue paper. it is really fun to work your way slowly to the product by unwrapping several layers. Reminds me of a good striptease 🙂

I had chosen a shaving brus made of synthetic “hair”, beause I dislike the idea that animals have been cultivated just to give me a luxurious, comfortable shave. The brush feels very soft, but stable and I can’t feel any difference compared to the bruhes made of badger.

I have chosen this shave brush:  MÜHLE – Rasierpinsel Synthetisches Haar “Black Fibre” – RYTMO Serie – Griff Edelharz schwarz.

I discovered the brand “Proraso” at my barber  Kücük. It is an well-known Italian company who have a long tradition in producing high quality shaving products. I hardly can’t wait to test my new stylish shaving brush and the classic shaving soap 😉 I will write about it.

Here’s a video about the Mühle shaving brush with Silvertip Fibre® (is the other version of the Fibre® shaving brush)

MÜHLE Fibre Innovation from ERTZUI FILM on Vimeo.