I finally got my safety razor and I am happy with it and also proud to be owner of such a beauty from the company Mühle®.

Here you can have a look at the elegance and style of a set from Mühle®


It looks all so simple and with a lot of understatement but one can still see in a subtle way how high the quality of these products is. I am becoming a Mühle fetishist 🙂

And by collecting more high class items, the need occurs to find a larger space where to put all the grooming stuff, a gent needs. before I had it all on a glass plate next to the washbasin.


But today my man and I got new towels (in nice green and dark blue) and  a new shower curtain and I felt to change things in our bathroom. So I cleaned up our glass rack and I occupied one of the shelves 🙂

My man and I both like a cozy atomosphere when taking a shower/having a bath and or taking care of beard and stuff. So that’s why we like soft light. Of course there is a very bright illumination over the mirror for shaving. But that is only practical and not relaxing 🙂 The fanlight in the ceiling is perfect when the mornings are not so dark anymore and the natural light is best of all.

Our bathroom might be small, but it is a pleasant place to take care of oneself and to relax.

My new safety razor is quite a challenge 🙂 I have to practise to get used handling this classic shaving tool without looking as if I was massacred 😉 And the REALLY BIG challenge will be shaving my skull with a safety razor. Well skill comes with practise, right 😉