I am very fond of the shaving products of the Mühle company. Of course one reason is the high quality of the products which are manufactured by this tradition-steeped company.

But it’s also the design of the products. Unobstrusive but yet eye-catching because of the simple refined elegance. On the shelf they look really decorative and gives a kind of rich- and posness to one’s bathroom 🙂

For I just discovered Mühle my collection is not so large yet. But soon it is my birthday and I already know some people who will indulge me with nice Mühle Presents 😉


Yesterday my latest order at the website of Mühle (https://www.muehle-shaving.com) arrived in the office. Shaving soap in a lovely china bowl. Good for the environment compared with the shaving soaps that arrive in plastic bowls.

One is tempted to by more than one to gather a set of bowls because they are great to use for other purposes as well in the bathroom and for other reasons. They are very decorative and beautiful.

I am sure I will do that. So my shelf will look very Mühle 🙂 Underneath you can have a peek how nice those bowls look.



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