The Hacksche Höfe in Berlin is a beautiful area consisting of eight connected courtyards (höfe) with theatres, cabarets, bars, clubs and nice  fancy boutiques. It is a lovely occupation, to stroll through the courtyards, watching the hustle and butstle, the people and the shop windows with nice “wannahavenow” stuff.

And literally in the middle of the Hackesche Höfe, there is the sophisticated Mühle Store & Showroom.  The interior is very clean but masculine stylish. No unnecessary bells and whistles but only the bare elegant essentials a gentleman appreciates. It is different than the classic old school barbers I have visited. These are great too! They present the “good old times” and with all their decorations of old clocks, vintage hairdryers and so on, they have their own atmophere.

But barber shops like Mühle reresent a new modern kind of classic barber. They follow the minimalisitc design credo of the modern times.

They offer several services which can be booked. Some of them are really special. They have a “father & Son” package which offers a workshop in which father and son explore how to perform a perfect shave. This package exsists also for two grown-up gents and this one I will book together with a buddy of mine, who is also a bearded villain 😉

But first I want to try the Beard Spa which contains the following service:

  • Beard Wash
  • Peeling and skincare
  • Shaping and correction of the beard
  • And a traditional shaving with a classic straight razor accompanied by warm compresses

Here you can see some impressions of the shop in the Hackesche Höfe. I will write a detailed post about my experience at Mühle soon 🙂


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