I had a bad experience with a female barber from M Room in Berlin. I will write about it in another post. But the bad experience also had a good effect 🙂 A friend of mine told me about his visit at Mühle Barber in the Hackesche Höfe in Berlin. I already had bought products of this company and wrote a review about them and my experiences.

Here you can read them:

The products are all premium quality. The razor blades, the after shave balms, the beard brushes are just perfect. And besides that they look so absolutely awesome and are so decorative, elegant and stylish in your bathroom.

So after my horrible visit at M Room and the, almost, poetic description of my buddy I spontaneously booked an appointment at the Mühle barbershop. The shop is so absolutely posh 🙂 Simple but it is exactly that simpleness thatr shows how elegant and luxurious it is.

But don’t get me wrong, the gents who take care of men’s beard are relaxed and cool. No arrogant stiff behaviour but just easygoing guys taking care of you and giving you a great relaxing time 🙂

When i arrived at the shop there were two gents in the chairs getting a treatment. I was friendly greeted and whilst waiting I had the chance to look around. There were so many beatiful things. Each and every one made me drool 🙂 That shop is pure porn 🙂

When it was my turn, Deniz escorted me to my chair and when I toook a seat it was like sitting on a soft leather cloud. The barber chairs are, I have no other word for it, luscious. have a look here:

Classic stylish barber chairs invite to get indulged.

Classic stylish barber chairs invite to get indulged.

They are real beauties. I sat back and deniz had a closer look at my ruined beard and I told him about my experience at M Room. My beard was ruined indeed and Deniz was quite astonished that a professional barber (barbress if it is a woman? No idea) did such a bad job. So this time the neck-line, which was completely destroyed, hat to be cut a bit higher to make it straight again and the beard had to be shortened a bit more to get all the beard heairs in one length, because the lady from M Room trimmed them in different lengths.

The experience was very pleasant. Deniz is a friendly guy who takes care of you in a relaxed and professional but also personal manner. And as a gay guy I allow myself to say that he looks very attractive as well 🙂 But this gent is happily married with, I am sure, a lovely lady 🙂

I booked the “Classic Beard Care” (Beard trim and reshaping with straight razor shave) to test this barber and I am absolutely satisfied by this “package”.  No hurry, no rush and with the feeling that it is all about me, my well-being and getting my beard awesome.

Deniz advised me to wait three to four weeks to give my beard time to grow so he can give me his signature groom. Like he said after he was ready “next time we’ll have fun. This was duty getting things right again. But next time will be great.”

I am really looking forward to my next appointment with deniz in the Mühle shop and I can really recommend AND the products AND the barber shop of this great traditional company.


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