Like I’ve written before already, I had a shaven skull for a very very long time. I liked my bald head in combination with my beard and tattoos.  I used to shave my skull with Gilette® Mach3® and I used about 2,5 packs with 12 blades each, because I shaved my head every day to keep is smooth, shiny and absolute hairless. Than I found out what a ripp off these blades are (read more here) and I decided to switch to safety razors. Better quality, closer shave and way much cheaper than the Gilette® ones!

There might be some men who’re able to shave their skull with a safety razor, but I’m not. I looked as if I had been massacred 🙂

So I made another decision and let my hair grow again. it was funny how the people around me liked it and told me that look much younger now. Since that time I have a second reason to visit a barber shop because I am as vain with my hair as I am with my beard. I’m just a very peacocky bloke 😉 Well… At least I admit is 🙂

So today I was  at the Nomad Barbershop, where I bought a beardoilvrom Apothecary87® with the most wonderful scent ever. My barber Nick (@nickbarford), who’s a nice bloke and a great barber, gave me a great haircut and at the end he sprayed something that smelled good over my hair and started using the hairdryer. 

He used a brush and at the end my hair had much more volume without being stuck or clammy. After that he used  the great and famous pomade from Holland “Reuzel”. For me he chose the medium hold and it made my hair shine. I love my classic cut and I also love it when my hair shines. A bit like in the roaring twenties and the thirties.

The spray was from the company Layrite which you can find on Instagram or on their website. Here’s what Layrite says about the spray:

If you tend to go for a dry style that will not leave your hair overly stiff and crispy, then our Layrite Grooming Spray is the product you are looking for. It can be used in several different ways for various results, as barber Shon Lawhon describes in this latest product overview video. By watching this video, you will learn more about this unique product, how to properly apply it, and how your hairstyles will benefit from our Grooming Spray.

The first way that this spray can be used is as a pre-treatment before you apply your pomade. By spraying this in your hair, along with a solid comb and blow dry, your pomade will adhere much easier, allowing you to create almost any style imaginable. The second way is to use this after applying your Layrite pomade to completely lock your style in place. Another great use of this Grooming Spray is as a stand alone product by applying a quick few sprays and a simple comb. This will provide you with a lighter hold for those who might not need a stronger pomade hold. Check out the short video below for even more details and demonstrations on how your hair can benefit from our Layrite Grooming Spray.

It is really different from other hairsprays. it is not like spaying glue on your hair. it is light like water, but it gives an immaculous hold. Unfortunately I haven’t found a German Webshop wich sells this great product. But for the visitors who are  in the U.S.A you can get it directly from the Layrite Webshop.

of course I bought it when I paid for the treatment I had enjoyed. And I also bought the green medium hold pomade from Reuzel. This company is situated in my home country in the city of Rotterdam. German guys can get this pomade and others at Heldenlounge.

The Barbershop Schorem (Which means as much as rabble/ragtag and bobtail) is a famous barbershop and the guys are on many events worldwide. They also produce grooming products under the name Reuzel which means lard.

Here’s their story (source:


Schorem is an old school men-only barbershop in the heart of the working class city of Rotterdam. The shop specializes in the classic cuts that have proven themselves over the decades: pompadours, flattops, contours and the other styles featured on Schorem’ famous barbershop posters.

Since it’s opening, Schorem has been frequented by greasers, rockers, bikers, psychobilly’s, ruffians and other fine gentleman scumbags from every echelon of society. With more than fifty years of barbering and grooming experience these Rotterdam Barbers have now formulated pomades worthy of their exacting standards. As old school barbers they dug deep into the history of pomades to formulate what they belief are the worlds finest, Reuzel.

Reuzel is the Dutch word for lard and is a wink to a past when pomades were made from animal fats and fragranced with apples. The word pomade actually comes from the french word “pomme”, meaning apple.

Reuzel grease in the green can is a beeswax based, medium hold pomade. It’s as sticky as honey and will pomp up or slick down every classic or signature barbershop haircut. The traditional pomme fragrance has been spiced up with a little peppermint in Reuzel’ traditional grease.

Reuzel pomade in the red can is a water based, high shine pomade with a subtle scent of cola. Reuzel pomade rinses out easily but holds hair like super glue and shines like a fresh coat of paint on your favorite vintage car.

You can find the guys online on their website and on Instagram

And here some photos of my freshly cut and groomed hair 🙂

The boxes look nice vintage and are sturdy. Great for keepimng and using it to put stuff in when the pomade is gone. So I had a great early evening after work with a great haircut, indulgence and some awesome new products. What a nice way to end the day 🙂


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