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Tonight I was surfing through the internet to find a REAL strong moustache wax, but I ended up buying my very first shave brush and shave soap 🙂 I just want to find out if this is  a way of shaving that suits me. I want to start with the classic shave. The classic masculine rituals are very appealing to me and I like to do the same shaving my father did. So I diecided to buy a brush, a holder for the brush and some classic shaving soap. I didn’t buy the most fancy stuff (although I saw some products which left me mouth-watering) because I want to find out if it is the thing I want to do always.

At the website of Heldenlounge (Hero’s Lounge | German language) they offer products from the Company Mühle Shaving and from Proraso.

I am very excited and I look forward to find out how it feels to apply shave soap with a real shaving brush. I had done it by several barbers, but I never did it myself 😉

I have bought a shave brush, a holder and shave soap.

The Beard brush is quite different because it is not made of badger, but of Black Fibre®. This is what Mühle says about this deveopment:

Black Fibre® – we have developed this purely vegan quality specially for wet shaving. In their dark colouring and softness the synthetic fibres resemble natural hair material and possess equally good performance characteristics. At the same time, the fibres prove somewhat sturdier and possibly even more durable. Some users prefer this material not only due to its vegan properties, but also because it produces particularly creamy shaving lather but require only half of the amount of medium compared to natural brushes. Their solid fibres make them more hygienic and easier to clean.

Here you can see a video about their shave brushes made of fibre® (English subtitles)


I’m quite curious how the brush will feel.

I think this vegan version is quite good, because i didn’t find any information about how the badgers are treated, of which’s fur the brushes are made. And i am always taking care that the meat I eat comes from animals who were treated respectfull and who lived a worthy live in a humane environment.

So that’s the reason I bought this specific brush. There are two versions:

Silver Tip Fibre®

With this long-lasting synthetic fibre in premium quality we succeeded in achieving a world first and in proving that art is capable of surpassing nature. The particularly low-maintenance fibres, which are suitable for vegans, are processed by hand and very soft at the tips, but somewhat firmer than natural hair in the middle section. Other product features: Even with very small amounts of shaving soap or cream it produces a rich lather, and the brushes dry quickly after use.

After using a beard brush, it should dry hanging upside down, so the water can drip out and the brush will keep it’s form. So I bought one to give my new brush the best treatment possible. If I continue  using this, I will ask my boyfriend to buy me a nice and stylish complete set with bowl, stand and a safety razor 😉

Black Fibre®

This synthetic fibre was developed in-house and is similar to natural badger hair in its dark colouring, softness and quality, and a little softer at the tips. It possesses equally good performance characteristics and the synthetic fibres are somewhat sturdier and more durable. Some prefer this material due to its vegan properties and because it also produces particularly creamy shaving lather.

And to shave in style, I have also bought shaving soap from Proraso. I have experienced Proraso at Kücuk Barbershop when I had my beard groomed. here some information about Proraso.

So this will be a new shaving start with exciting moments to look forward to 🙂

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