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Me, Rob. The dedicated fan of Gentlemen’s Circle.

Gentlemen experience a renaissance these days. Metrosexuality has passed away and men can be men again and do what men like to do. Going to the barber to get a decent haircut or a beard trim, visiting the tailor to get a smart suit or an elegant shirt. Having a decent man-talk with a good glass of whisk(e)y and a great cigar.

In good old Berlin there’s  such a place where men can be men. This place is called Gentlemen’s Circle and is located in one of the most prestigious areas of the city just nearby the beautiful and historic Gendarmenmarkt . Their philosophy is:

„Hier bin ich Mann, hier darf ich’s sein“

Which means so much as “Here I’m man, he’re I’m allowed to be one

Today I  had the unexpected pleasure to experience one of the best barbers in Berlin.

It was a day with surprises…

I wanted to go to my regular barber and so I made an appointment over my Treatwell app. I thought that te appointment was made for today. Well sometimes it is better when I don’t think 🙂 The appointment was not for today but for tomorrow. So when I arrived at my regular barber, the lady  told me that both barbers were not in the shop and that I am one entire day early.

So what to do? I desperately needed a beard trim because I looked like a Neandertaler. I went to a nearby café ordered an espresso doppio macchiato and  grabbed my smartphone to Google® if there were other good barbers nearby. And one search result catched my eye. It was the Gentlemen’s Circle. Of course I already had read about this stylish and posh barber but was always doubting a little to go there. Of course I knew beforehand that the service would be impeccable and it would be all perfect. But I suspected that the atmophere could be a bit cold and stiff. Polite but not cordially.

But back to my smartphone. I thought “What the heck! Give it a try and you’ll see if you’re right.” Well I soon learned that I was absolutely and totally wrong.

I called and a friendly gentleman with a great British accent told me that he would gladly trim and groom my beard when I would be in the shop in 30 Minutes. If I was not able to be there in that time, he couldn’t help be because he would be busy with other clients.

Guess what… I made it in 25 minutes. Nobody ever tells me that old men can’t be quick!

When I arrived in the shop I was warmly welcomed by a stylish gent who even knew my name. It is so professional to know the name of a client (I know that from the time I was a restaurant & banqueting manager in Switzerland) and it makes the whole experience so personally and individual.

I looked around and was really impressed by the elegance of this masculine interior. For being a manager in three-star and 19,5 points Gault Millau restaurants in Switzerland, France, England and Italy I am not quickly impressed by interiors of restauranst or shops.

Here I was, because the Interior of Gentlemen’s Circle is decent and simple but refined. The simplicity showed the sophisitcation. It is not intimidating at all, but fresh and friendly. Impreccable clean Mirrors broaden the room and cheerful music fills the air.

Copyright ©: André Goerne |  Gentlemen’s Circle | Charlottenstraße 35 | D-10117 Berlin | |

I saw a cozy living room suite  and a stylish bar , where international red and white wines and premium liquors like whisk(e)y and gin are offered. And if a little hunger comes up, one can even eat a delicious snack from starred chef Kolja Kleeberg. A cornered delicacy made of baked sourdough Florence fennel and coriander seed milled in sugar is offered. As a worthy companion Gentlemen’s Circle recommends a Gin Rickey. A drink composed of gin, lime juice, sugar syrup and soda. The fennel and the coriander percetly match with this fine drink.

But of course one can gladly drink a nice hot espresso as well. Maybe with a nice digestif?

All the gents were extremely stylish. Exactly the style I wear. Some wore tattoos (like me) and that made me feel really at home and comfortable.

It felt like “I belong here” because those guys at Gentlemen’s Circle were like me. Once it was nice to have a wrong opinion and to see that something is different than one thought it would be before.

My coat was taken and safely stowed away in a closet and the barber, whith whom I had called, lead me to my chair. His Name is Gary and he’s a lovely Brit. I’m a Dutch bloke and Dutch luuuuv Brits. And Brits luuuv us 🙂 We have the same humour and the same mentality. So that was already a great start!

Copyright ©: André Goerne |  Gentlemen’s Circle | Charlottenstraße 35 | D-10117 Berlin | |

The chairs in Gentlemen’s Circle are just incredible awesome. We’re not talking about a barber chair but THE barber chair per se.

Takara Belmont Apollo 2 Barber Chair
– The Model That All The Others Are Modelled On

The Original Apollo was released in 1961 and remains the leading workhorse in barbershops the world-over. The subtle re-modelling in 2000 cut no corners and promises decades if service to a contemporary generation of barbershops.

The seat comfort is clear to the eye and the impeccable proportions of the Apollo 2 have attracted many a mimic but it is only Belmont that make The Real Thing.

Features Include: 360° (lockable) rotation, reclining backrest, spring-loaded seat cushion, adjustable and removable headrest, upholstered padded armrests, gown rail and Belmont branded footrest with stopper.

It is like sitting First Class Emirates!

Gary was very friendly, relaxed and cool. Not a bit impersonal or standoffish. And none of the guys at Gentlemen’s Circle were. They’re all really relaxed and friendly and cool.  Gary and I had a really great conversation. And this barber is extremely meticulous. He looks after every detail. No matter how small the detail is. He is quick but never hectic and  he works with such an ease that it looks like he is not working. One notices that he’s passionated about what he’s doing and that gives a great feeling.

He is so fastidous that he trimmed the last few hairs by hand with a scissor and he kept walking from my right to the left forth and back looking in the mirror untill the result was according to his standards.  When I looked in the mirror, the final result showed how perfectly Gary worked.

After my beard was trimmed, I was given a wet shave. That moment was another sign of the professionality of Gary. The straigth razor felt like a soft summer breeze over my cheeks, because Gary handles the razor so lightly that one hardly feels it.

Copyright ©: André Goerne |  Gentlemen’s Circle | Charlottenstraße 35 | D-10117 Berlin | |

Besides treatments to become a handsome guy again *grin*, Gentlemen’s Circle also offers other Services as well. If wanted one can buy a suit, a shirt or a pair of  beautiful cufflinks from Chelsea Farmers Club hand-picked by Christoph Tophinke. 

Another trouvaille is quite special.  I am talking about a shirtpolo, which is a symbiosis between a classic poloshirt and a regular shirt from DEPAVORY. The founder of this brand Goetz Saeuberlich delivers Gentleman’s Circle with these beautiful garments.

And what such a gent’s paradise be without precious cigars? So no need to say, that one can buy delicate Cuban cigars selected by Christian Krendl. | Friday nights between 19:00 pm and 21:00 pm it is “Smoking friday”. The doors will be closed and smoking is allowed. The perfect occasion for a decent conversation, a strong drink and a great cigar 🙂

And whilst you are enjoying your treatment and are relaxing, the valet service run every errand for you. Perfect when you forgot to buy flowers for your lovely lady 🙂 Mr. Raffaele Sorrentino, the founder of RAS Concierge Services  and his team will take care of your every need.

As you can see, the Gentleman’s Circle is an all in one careless experience for men who love tradition and style which is contemporary and modern interpreted.

I’m really happy that kismet has led me to this beautiful Circle and my first experience there won’t be my last one. On can bet on that one!

Here more impressions about this beautiful location which is kinda handsome itself 😉 

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Here you can find the location of Gentlemen’s Circle. By clicking/tabbing the directions link, Google® Maps will open in a new browser tab.

Gentlemen’s Circle

Charlottenstraße 35

D-10117 Berlin


Phone: +49 30 200 754 70


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