Eaux de Baux | Masculine scent for gents

Normally I’m not really a scent guy. I love groooming, but perfumes have no priority when it comes to being handsome. But one should never say never. I found a scent which pleases me very much per accident in the guest bathroom of my “brother in law” when my man and I were visiting my man’s brother, his wife and their adorable little son. 

When I was visiting the guest bathroom, I saw an amber colored glass bottle on a smal table with a nice label. So I opened the bottle and I had a sniff. The scent was captivating and I fell in love immediately with this eau de toilette.

I’m very picky about mens scents smelling like they belong to a man – vs. so much of the flowery stuff out there. This is masculine, put together from vanilla, spice, wood, even an earth feel to it.


The eau de toilette I am writing about is “Eau de Baux” from l’Occitane. Here’s the scent description of l’occitane:

Eau des Baux is a fragrance of knights, courageous Chevaliers des Baux.

Les Baux de Provence is a legendary city-fortress on the south of France. Knights of Les Baux have chosen cypress as symbol of strength and courage.

The colour of box is dark red, and similar to the colour of their uniform. Golden-silver star on the box and bottle is also a symbol as a guiding force of knights of Les Baux.

L’OCCITANE has created a sensual and mysterious blend of cypress and incense named Eau de Baux.

Here’s a list of the perfumery notes:

  • Top Note: Pink pepper, cardamom
  • Middle Note: Cyprus, incense
  • Base Note: Vanilla, Tonka bean

I am really fascinated by this scent, because is is so subltle and discreet and not blatant. Other people notice it by the “second smell” and that’s what I want a perfume to be like.

shower-gelThe shower gel, which I bought later, mathces the eau de toilette perfectly. It has a smooth texture when applying to the skin and  makes a great start of the day.

You can get this elegant but masculine eau de toilette and the shower gel on the website of l’Occitane