It seems that Mühle Barber is becoming a common thread in my blog 🙂 Well that’s not really wondrous, because it is always a pleasure to write about that marvelous barber, the high quality products wich are not only good but also look awesome.

I had written about a bad experience at another barber in Berlin where my beard was “groomed” by a lady. Read more here. Deniz from Mühle had to take care of my ruined beard twice to get things in order. Of course he did a great job and my beard looks just awesome again. That man is an artist.

After my great visit at Mühle today with a great conversation and  a perfect beard, I also want to write about how great it is to have your beard done at this barber. First of all it the location at one of the most beautiful spots in Berlin, namely the Hackesche Höfe Its is a place with a large history and an elegant venue with lots of nice boutiques, small eating places and … a barber of course 🙂


The Mühle Shop fits perfectly in this smart surrounding. The interior is very elegant but not intimidating. Light colors and the most beautiful barber’s chair one can imagin. Luxurious leather welcomes the gent who sits donw and after one is seated it feels like one’s sitting in the Carlton Club in London. Deniz is a very nice and relaxed guy who masters his métier perfectly.

What’s so nice about Mühle is the fact that it looks very luxurious but that it is so easy-going. Just your normal everyday barber without having such a stiff atmosphere one sometimes experiences in posh restaurants with underpaid but arrogant waiters. Here the people are just normal and friendly. One thing is dangerous though 🙂 The products wchich are displayed in the shop are so beautiful that one is tempted to buy them all 🙂

The beautiful front of the Store in the Hackesche Höfe, Berlin

The beautiful front of the Store in the Hackesche Höfe, Berlin

Back to beard treatment. It is different from other barbers (Trust me. I have tried  a whole pile of barbers before I arrived at Mühle) becaue it is so relaxed, no hurrying, no rush. The only important ob- and subkject is your beard. Deniz is absolutely concentrated and also an extreme perfectionist. Today, when I thought we were done, he saw some, for me invisible, tiny hairs and I didn’t let me go before it was perfect. The products which are used are wonderful. I know because I have some of them at home myself.

And one notices the difference compared to the work of other barbers. After I had left the Shop I went to buy some pastry and the lady behind the counter said to me “You have a beautiful beard. Normally I am not into beards, but your beard looks really good.” STRRRRIKE 🙂 Yeah I know, I am gay. But it is still nice when a lady tells you that your beard is smart, right 🙂

I can recommend this barber shop without any restrictions. I just love it. Like I wrote in my comment on their Facebook page:

This beautiful barber shop is a hidden oasis for gents. Elegant surroundings, beautiful products, friendly and helpful and perfect craftsmanship. I am always looking forward to go there and being there is a relaxing luxurious indulgence. So happy that I discovered the best barber shop in Berlin 😉 Thanks for the great service and my perfect beard and making me a handsome man 😉


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