I accidently found the barbershop Cutbusser in Berlin. I had seen their page at Facebook and I went there two or three times. I was really excited about this barber, because these guys do a great job.

They’re no-fuss and no-noncence. Just uncomplicated guys who do a great job. I have visited quite some barbers already and I must admit, that the barbers at Cutbusser are the best. They work very very good and my beard always looks great when I leave the shop. 

The barber, who has done my beard every time I have been there, is very accurate and he always wants to achieve the best possible result. He is always focussed what looks good on me. So no “Allright I trim your beard and that’s it” but “What can I do to make you look good”.

He is sincere and honest and also tells me that something that I want, won’t look good. That is exactly what I want. I hate it, when I buy a suit or other clothes, when a shopkeeper tells me all the time how great it looks on me. Even if I KNOW thant it looks crap. Those people are not honest, they just want to make money and they don’t give a shit if I look good or not. They just don’t care.

At cutbusser the guys want the men, who have a haircut or a beard trim, to look good and, very important, to FEEL good. And it is very important to feel good.

And I always feel great when I leave thhe shop. I feel awesome about my beard because I KNOW than my beard looks awesome and that I am a handsome guy with a perfect beard 🙂


Here you can find Cutbusser

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