shaving_brush_cleanerI am sure that you already noticed, that I am very fond about my collection of beard products 🙂 And I’m also to keep those beautiful flasks neat and tidy. No need to say, that I take thourouhghly care of my shaving brush as well. After having a close shave I rinse it with luke-warm water to get all the soap out.

Now I found a product which was especially developed for cleaning shaving brushes. I found by coincidence it in the KaDeWe in Berlin. It’s called “Golddachs® Shaving Brush Cleaner”. Available at Amazon U.K & U.S.A.. I didn’t find it on a German e-shop.

The brush cleaner nourishes and cleans with natural oils (Ingredients: aqua, non-ionic surfactants, salicylic acid, orange oil, orangenterpene).

  • The brush is cleaned and disinfected
  • Suitable for natural hair and synthetic brushes
  • For gentle and value preserving cleaning valuable shaving
  • Spray directly onto the brush
  • In subsequent clean with a cloth to remove residues.

Yesterday I had a nice, slow and close shave with thick latter. So my shaving brush was in heavily in action (I shave in four directions and for each direction I use new latter) and full of shaving soap. After washing off the remaining latter, colling my skin with an ice-cold towel on my neck and applying after shave balm from Proraso®, it was time to take care of my shaving brush which did such a great job again 😉

So I rinsed off the latter and sprayed 3-4 puffs on my syntetic shave brush from Mühle and left it in for somce seconds to let it work. Afterwards I wiped it dry with my shave towels from Mühle.

The shaving brush cleaner has a discrete but pleasant scent. I think it is good to take care of belongings that are precious for oneself and it is also fun to play with those man toys 🙂