I’m a Dutch guy who left Holland in 1988, to travel the world. Since 1997 I’m living in Berlin. Most of the time, I love Berlin, but I will always remain a real Dutch guy.

Last week, my man and I went for a trip to The Hague. The Hague has a rich history and is the location, where th Government, the international court and the peace palace are situated. And, last but not least, our king Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands live and works in this beautiful city.

The Hague is an elegant and fancy city with loads of international restaurants (it was so great, to eat some proper real Indonesian food again!) and countless shops with geat fashion for men.

The working palace of the king is situated at one of the most prestigious shopping streets of The Hague. And one of his neigbours is one of the most beautiful barber shops in town. The city is not the largest one (about 500.000 inhabitants) but there are quite a large amounts of barbers.

The Shop, in which I had the pleaure to be groomed, is called Benoah. Benoah is special. The interior is totally different from the common barber shops who want to represent lumberjeack aestethetic (We’re rough, bearded blokes. We drink beer, grab a girl and are men).

Benoah is refined and elegant, without loosing the touch of masculinity. Dark walls, extraordinary mottors and most beautiful barber chairs I’ve ever seen.

The barber chairs are all old and precious. They have been produced around 1900 and they look like pieces of art. On the website of Benoah, the chairs are described in detail on this page.

I can tel, that a man feels like the king who is working next door, when sitting in one of those awesome barber chairs 😉

Here a preview to indulge your eyes 🙂 


The barbers are ever so friendly and helpful. The give an impeccable service (Holland is so different from Germany, when it comes to service) and pay a lot of attention to fulfill a gent’s needs. The atmosphere is very relaxed and in the beackground there are soft jazzy tones.

My barber Papo took great care, to give me a perfect haircut. I’m fond of very classic haircuts.

Very short at the back and sides, high fade, sharp part and slick back. I’m a silver fox and therefor my haircut must be short and classic.

He is a pleasant guy and a one can have  great conversation with him. Just some pleasant chitchat and man’s talk.

After my haircut was finished, Papo pulled my luxury chair back and gave me a sharp and close shave.

Getting a shave is one thing. Most barbers scratch a bit on your thrat and afterwards, one has still stubbles (which a hate) and an irritated skin.

Mr. Papo was an exception. He took all the time in the world to get me clean shaven and afterwards, I really was shaven.

Of course does benoah offer his own, high quality, products. And, guess what, I couldn’t resist and I got myself a great pomade and beard balm 😉

The pomade is great for my classic haircut. Not to strong but also not too weak and it gives my hair a lovely shine, after applying.

The beard balm is a great alternative for the the oil, whichus bearded guys all know. The balm is not greasy (when I apply oil, I have to rub my cheeks, to avoid shning like a light bulb!).

It was a great experience at Benoah and when back in The Hague, I will surely be back there!

Here you can find Benoah Salon offline and online. Enjoy your treatment!

Web: https://www.benoahbarbers.nl

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/benoahbarbers/

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Phone: +31 (0)70 743 4623