Today it was time to get my hair properly cut again. Saturday mornings are perfect to visit a good barber and to get indulged and being made handsome again ­čśë

About two weeks ago I passed a barber which was unknown to me. The name was Benny Barber and the front of the barber shop looked neat and well taken care of.

Guess what ­čÖé … I booked an appointment and today at 10:00 am I entered the shop.

You might have noticed, that I have visited quite many barbers and that the barbers, which I prefer, are all stylish and quite posh.

Benny Barbers is also very stylish and exclusive, but in an absolute different way.  The shop has two rooms. One it the actual barber room with three beautiful leather barber chairs, a glass cabinet, a elegant leather chair and a bench and a lot of nice decoration in all American style.

The adjacent room, which is the waiting area, is furnishes and deci├│rated quite traditional. Like a gentleman’s study with a book shelf, a television showing American sports and a table with booze. One can have a drink of his choice when getting a hairtcut, a beard trim or both. No need to say, that the also offer a great coffee.

The gentleman who was my barber today was an Italian named Lorenzo. He’s not only a friendly guy, bit also a prefect barber who ave me a great classic skin fade with a sharp part (done with a classic razor).

When he turned my chair so <i could see my new cut, the first thought was “Wow that looks distinguished with my silver hair!”. The cut is very classic, mature and manly. I love it so much ­čÖé




And here’s Benny Barbers located:

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