26. June 2017
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Becoming a Silver Fox

At a certain age, a man sees his first grey hair. It’s an odd moment, because it signalizes that one has become mature. I dislike to say old because being old is, in my opinion, something that has somethting to do with attitude, behaviour, the way one thinks and how one adapts into the ever changing world.

Some men I who I know, who are in their twenties, are mentally older. They are not open for new things and they stick at the position they are.

I am not. I love everything that’s new and I am always curious to discover and learn new things. To visit countries I haven’t been before discovering new mentalities and cultures and experiencing new atmospheres (each country and each city has his own flavour).

I’m working in a business, tat’s ever changing. I have been a web developer for many yearsd and I loved to explore new trends and techniques. Now I am developing mobile apps in the new user interface of SAP and this is a very new feature of this company.

But back to becoming a silver fox 😉 

In fact a lot of people like men with grey hair. Here are some of the reasons why us silver foxes are concidered attractive:

This is a little known fact but it is true. The age 35 marks many a milestone in a man’s life. He is earning a steady income; he is matured in the ways of life and in the ways of the world; he is confident of himself and carries himself with élan. One very important thing to happen to him at this age is that he finally starts to grey. And man with grey hair has got to be the sexiest of all species.

It acts as a magnet

Women are by default attracted to men with grey hair. For a woman, grey hair symbolises age, maturity, stability and dependability; all factors that she looks for in a man. Therefore, if a man has grey hair his chances of attracting women and getting them interested in him increase tenfold.

It ups your sexy meter

If you have grey hair, then your sexy meter has reached max level. It is the most widely known fact that men with grey hair are considered sexy, desirable and handsome. Case in point is George Clooney and Brad Pitt.  And it is for this reason that grey hair is absolutely awesome.

Mature, not old

The best thing about having grey hair or the ‘salt and pepper’ look as it is usually called, is that it makes you look matured, but not old. Women don’t like old men, the ones who are unfit and have saggy skin. But women totally adore and go gaga over men with grey hair. Women, for the most part, look for maturity in their partner and the moment they spot a man with grey hair, they believe they have found their catch.

Grey hair is purely a biological phenomenon. It represents many more qualities in a man that age and makes a woman feel very many things other than plain old attraction. We say grey hair is a win-win for men and women. If you have started greying, then it would be smart to work towards maintaining and retaining this look.

To be honest, I experience this attitude myself! Some of my barbers told me, when I was maoning about becoming grey, that they can’t wait to get grey hair and a grey beard themselve. They think it’s awesome to be a silver fox. And other peoplein my environment have the same option. Some even said that I look better, fresher with my silver hair.

Now I’m embracing my silver look and I actually start to like and feel good with it 😉

One has to take a bit care of the new shiny color, to stay as bright as a star 🙂 So what’s neccessary to achieve this glamorous goal? Underneath some facts and answers.

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As Brent Pankhurst puts it: “Grey hair on a man is slick and classic like an Aston Martin DB5 – look after yours like you would any classic car.”

Going grey isn’t a sign of dwindling masculinity, but an all-new stage of your personal style instead. Treat your greys right, get a tidy cut and start reaping the benefits of being considered a more mature man – whether or not you act your age.


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