I truely love my beard oils. The oils from Proraso are just awesome and the Vanilla/mango Oil from Apothecary 87 is a luxurious indulgence.

But sometimes oil is a bit too greasy. For example when having a business meeting visiting clients. The oil doesn’t get absorbed by the skin that quick and therefor one feels the oil for some time after applying it on the beard.

And sometimes it’s quite uncomfortable. Well there is a solution for that 🙂

The Company “Bartptacht Mannheim” (Beard Splendour Mannheim) has developed a beard balm which is absorbed by the beard and the skin in no time. The texture is rich and has no scent (which I like with balms and creams). It comes in an elegant pump bottle (I love the label design of Bartpracht a lot) and just a walnut size amount of balm is needed to get the complete beard covered. 

You can apply the balm on a dry beard or a towel dry after taking a shower. use your beard brush or comb to work the balm in and you’re ready to hot the city and do your job 🙂

Unfortunately the company’s website is in German only: http://www.bartpracht.de