A well groomed man is not merely a man who uses great products on his hair and body but a man who can present himself in his own desired way, through all aspects of his lifestyle. (Apothecary87)

After being made handsome at Nomad Barber, the lady at the reception asked me if I would like to see some of their products. Smart lady 🙂 

I wanted to explore some beard oils and she showed me a smnall bottle of Apothecary87. Of course I had seen products of that brand in the web, but I actually never bought one of their products. I dislike to buy beard oil when I am not able to test how the scent is. After buying two beardoils I didn’t know and which were just horrible (orange scent that smells like fish oil and mint scent that smells like a medicine when having a cold) and which I just threw away immediately (shame for the money), I just became alert. The only beard oil I buy online is the classic one from Proraso. One of the greatest beard oils with an awesome scent.

But in Nomad they have a wealth of beard oils, berad balm, beard wash, beard brushes and other desirable items which make men like little boys in the toy store.

The lady gave me the bottle so I could smell the scent and I was enchanted by this lovely fragrance of vanilla and mango. One might say that that sounds like a perfume for ladies, but the contrary is true. Yes it smells sweet, but not feminine at all. It smells like sitting on the terrace of a bar under palms in some tropic country (let’s say Borneo which was one of the best travel experiences I ever had) with a soft breeze which brings a scent of tropical flowers.

And a guy with a rugged beard, face and attitude who is also a gentleman besides being a real bloke (the combination of gent and rugged is exciting 😉 ) can afford to wear a sweet beardoil. This afternoon, after taking a shower (it’s Sunday) and enjoying my daily ritual of grooming my beard I was really excited to apply my new beard oil!

Before leaving the apartment, I applied it a second time 🙂 

What I like so much about the philosophy of Apothecary87 is the fact that they focus on masculinity. Being a MAN. Nowadays men have to be Jack of all trades device. A caring  soft-hearted companion with a feminine mind, but also a rough protector. But not too rough because too much masculinity is not as En Vogue as it seems. 

I am extremely proud to be born as a man and I love to be blokey. But in style. I love to wear smart shirts with silk ties, waistcoats or suspenders. Elegant shoes, good suits and  impeccable hair- and beard. Being a stylish guy who lives is manlyness is what I love.


You can buy it directly at the webshop of Apothecary87 (English) or, for the German speaking guys amongst us, at Blackbeards.

And the website of Apothecary87 is an elegant, well designed website. I can judge it for having been a web developer for many years 🙂 have look yourself http://www.apothecary87.co.uk/

And for thos who are new when it comes to wearing a beard, here’s a video which shows how to apply beeard oil correctly 😉