This Cristmas I have been extremely indulged. It was my wish, to get nice products for my beard.

My beard is inportant to me and I take great care to keep it healthy and groomed. When the handing out of the presents started and I unwrapped mine, I was delighted.

I got one of the most luxurous and high class beard products on the market. Three delightful products from the famous brand Apothecary87.

Apothecary87 is a British company specialised on products for stylish guys.

They have a great beard oil which has a delicate scent of vanilla and mango. When I get up early in the morning and start grooming my beard, I apply some of this delicious beard oil at the end.

It is like an aroma therapy and immediately I am ready for the daily challenges. Of course I have to do some daily routines in the bathroom before I come to this exciting last step!

For being a vain bloke, I take care to be shaved sharply. To prepare my skin and beard hairs, I use the shave oil of Apothercary87. This protects my skin by covering it, to avoid irritation.

After my preparations, I use my beautiful beard brush and classic razor from Mühle to apply the shave cream of Apothecary87.  My skin is prepared and protected and the shaving routine is like a private spa treatment.

After enjoying a close shave (I love to be hairless directly under my beard), I start to indukge my beard with the luxurious beard balm, for which a maple scent with a touch of smoke was created

The shave oil and shave cream have the great scent 1893 with componentes of vanilla and sandal wood which, fortunately, perfectly matches the scent of the mango-vanilla scent of the beard oil and also, believe it or not, with the smoky maple scent of the beard balm 🙂 

All scents mix perfectly together and I have received some compliments from guys who asked me which after shave I use. I just use a balm from Mühle which is organic and has no scent at all. Just like my anti perspirant from Bio Turm (German only)  which is based on silver

No need to say, that I comb my beard with a  beard com from #themanclub

And, after grooming and being presentable for the rest of the world again, it feels just great to be a breaded guy 🙂