profieSometimes days are rough, unpleasant and just crap 🙂

On those days one longs for some relaxation in a fine environment. A bit of indulgment.

So I decided spontaneous to book a treatment at Mühle Barber to have my beard done and left the office early 😉 It felt so great to enter the elegant room with all the beautiful Products and Mr Barber Deniz. 

Al the nuisnaces of the day were just gone and I was happy gettting my regular perfect beard treatment. When I had a seat in the rich and luxurious barber chairs my body relaxed.

Deniz took great care of my beard like he always does and he also lookes after my head hair. Well just a bit head hair yet. because my skull times are over 🙂 I want to have a nice stylish haircut, so I  I’ll have to wait. Deniz even succeeded to make a nice cut  so that it looks neat, nice and groomed.

Every time it’s a little highlight to go tho this great barbershop. may it be to indule oneself with some nice shaving products or a new item or to get a perfect treatment 😉

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