Every time I my beard has been trimmed and groomed by Ali (the man who is a beard magician) I feel so extremely great and awesome.

I’m very proud of my beard and when I leave the barber shop “Cutbusser” I feel f*cking proud having a full and awesome beard.

Ali is a perfectionist and works very precise. He has a very sharp eye and sees every deail. So when he takes care of your beard, it will be perfectly done.

He is also very straightforward and honest. He will tell you if something, you would like to have, doesn’t look good on you.

You can always trust his advice. He knows what he is talking about and when he tells you that something will look or looks great, it really does 🙂

Ali is a great guy  and a great barber 🙂

Enjoy my beard 🙂

You can find the barber shop where Ali is doing a great great job here:

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