Yesterday was my birthday. I am a mature 53 years old guy now…

But I am still a vain guy who likes to look after himself and his looks. To indulge myself with a great experience, I made myself a birthday present by booking a treatment at the Schaumschläger.

The Schaumschläger is a small but very cozy shop in which a man is able to relax and to forget about the stresss of daily life. I love the classic and stylish interior which reminds of old days, when it was common for a gent to visit  his barber regularly. When barbershops were a social meeting point and the barber was a man with whom a gent could talk about the world and his wife. A person a gent could trust and also discuss intimate subjects.


Here you explore mor about this fabuloius barber @instagram, @facebook, @Google+ and his website

The German word “Schaumschläger” is quite difficult to explain, because it is an amphibology (wordplay). The first meaning is swashbuckler but in combination with a barber, it is someone who beats beardsoap into foam.  So Thomas had just a great idea when he was looking for a name for his shop. Sometimes words just can’t be properly translated 🙂 But I’m sure you know what I mean.

I had, like always, a great time and my silver hair and beard were perfecrtly treated and groomed.

We were talking beard stuff and Thomas showed me a new product calles “Depot”. he told me, that it is an Italian company who started a few years ago. When Thomas applied after shave, after shaving (and here’s another wordplay 🙂 ) I loved the scent of the product. When he tld me, that this was the after shave of Depot, I just decided to buy it. 

After taking care of my beard, Thomas started to cut my hair and after he was done, he applied a clay. My silver hair was shining like real silver. I love shiny hair because it looks so luscious and healthy. And it was another product from Depot.

Whe he showed me the bottle with after shave and the jar with the clay, I was impressed by the design.  The label is very plain and artless. Simple but yet very elegant because of its clearness. it was so very different from many other products who have busy and colourfull labels with martial symbols.


The stylish black and white monochonism pleases the eye. Unfortunately it is not available in online shops here in Germany. I’ve found a site which company is located on Malta.

Thomas told me, that they don’t intend to go online in a braod manner. They prefer that their products is sold directly in barber shops. Underneath you’ll find the link to the source I’ve discovered.