muehle-web-portfolio-traditional_04I am fond of beauty and I appreciate items that are created with great craftsmanship my people who are passionated in what they do. I also love traditions (as long as they’re not backward). The tradition of making wine, vintage whisky, hand crafted cigars and tailored shoes just to name a few. Not all of them are affordable for me, but I still like to leanr how goals are achieved to get the very best result.

That might be one of the reasons, that I love barbering and all that comes with it. And, as my kind readers might have noticed, I am extremely fond of the items which are  produced in a traditionally by Mühle. They’re not only of high quality, but also stunning beauties. The razors, the brushes and all the accessories that a bearded gent needs to get the razor job done 😉

All the grooming and caring products are packed in elegant boxes and tiles whose colores are vibrant but unobstrusive. It looks all very luxurious.

Since I let my beard grow and since I discovered the Mühle barbershop, I was eager to get a shaving set. And today my little dream has come true. I got the most stunning set ever 🙂

I have chosen the traditional line of Mühle which is for, as Mühle states “For connoisseurs with high standards“. Here’s the description of Mühle:

muehle-web-portfolio-traditional_06We are promoting the renaissance of the safety razor as a traditional form of wet shaving with stylish accessories (brushes and safety razors) developed in-house, including models with open and closed tooth combs. 

The collection embraces gleaming chrome, rose gold and popular classic colours. Shaving brushes are available in the qualities Silvertip Fibre® and Silvertip Badger with matching holders

I have got myself the chrome set with the matching ball point and it arrived by post in the office. It looks so amazing. It looks so great. I feel really happy that I am the proud owner of this precious item.


Doesn’t the set look stunning ? I just fell in love 🙂


And no need to say, that I have the matching ball pen as well 😉 And in this saftey razor only a Mühle blade will finds it’s place. The organic after shave balm is like silk in the stressed skin!


Proraso is also a great brand and also available at the Mühle barber shop in the Hackesche Höfe in Berlin



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