Today is a lazy day. Actually I should finish a documentation for work. But hey, tit’s saturday and so I gave myself the permission to nice things only.

First I went to the barber of my trust, Thomas the owner from Schaumschl├Ąger, and had a great treatment and was indulged with some good man-talk and a perfect grooming.

After that I added a new design for this blog and was looking for some inspiration to write about. Whilst surfing, I found an amazing barber shop which is located in Dubai. I haven’t been to that barber, but I’ve been t Dubay and I had a quality time there. Including a daily visit to a local barber, with ear cleanining woth fire, a hot and sweet galss of tea and also good conversation with the locals.

Nothing posh, but very authentic. Arabian guys attend the barber daily an it is a normal daily routine for them.

But the barber I found online is really posh. Luxurious, lush and very stylish. The name is Good Fellas Dubai

Here is a clip from YouTube about this amazing space. It is a commercial from a company who’s done the interior there, but still.

Here are some photos.