A few days ago I surfed through the internet to buy some beard wash from oak. During my surf session I read “Proraso Hot beard oil”. 

Hot oil? What’s that? The description said:

Perfect for all beard lovers! Excellent for nourishing and and repairing even the wiriest beard encouraging healthy growth with no breakage. A scent of cedar wood with notes of Mediterranean cistus leaves a pleasurable fresh sensation.

Immerge the phial in a bowl of hot water (not boiling) for approximately one minute. Dampen your beard with warm water and then rub oil into your beard from roots to tips. Leave it on for at least two minutes then rinse thoroughly.

So I desperately needed this oil and purchased it immediately 🙂


Today it arrived in the office and when I arrived home I had to try it. So I filled a little bowl with hot tap water (our hot water from the tap is really hot) and put one of the vials in the hot water. Than I washed my beard to get the beard oil and the “dust” of the day out of it and dappled it dry with one of my beautiful towels of Mühle 🙂

When I put some oil in the palm of my hand, the oil felt nice and warm and when I applied it to my beard it felt smooth and silky. It tingled a bit in my beard and it felt warm.

After a few minutes I washed the oil out of my beard. My beard feels so soft and rich after this little luxury treatment. There are four vials in one box and each has0.15 fl oz / 0.45 ml. Just take a small amount when using it! The oil is so rich that a few drops are more than plenty. Using it once a week (prefect ritual on a lazy Sunday 🙂 ) the four vials will last for ages.

Here you can get this exceptional oil: Heldenlounge Hot Beard Oil Proraso

I’m sure you’ll just love it buddy 🙂