Layrite a miraculous styling spray for men

Like I’ve written before already, I had a shaven skull for a very very long time. I liked my bald head in combination with my beard and tattoos.  I used to shave my skull with Gilette® Mach3® and I used about 2,5 packs with 12 blades each, because I shaved my head every day to keep is smooth, shiny and absolute hairless. Than I found out what a ripp off these blades are (read more here) and I decided to switch to safety razors. Better quality, closer shave and way much cheaper than the Gilette® ones!

There might be some men who’re able to shave their skull with a safety razor, but I’m not. I looked as if I had been massacred 🙂

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Apothecary87 | For well groomed real men

A well groomed man is not merely a man who uses great products on his hair and body but a man who can present himself in his own desired way, through all aspects of his lifestyle. (Apothecary87)

After being made handsome at Nomad Barber, the lady at the reception asked me if I would like to see some of their products. Smart lady 🙂 

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Nomad Barber Miguel Gutierrez. A global story

I was quite busy lately by attending SAP Trainings (I wonder why the International Training Center is located in the middle of nowhere and not in the capital of Germany Berlin) and so I was not really able to visit a decent barber because when I had some spare time, all the barbers were fully booked and, to be honest, I was just too tired to mokove through the city to visit a barber. So I just went quickly to some no-name barbers.

They do a good job, but the experience is not really  refined. They offer the same service the fancy barbers do, but is is less elegant, savvy. It’s all a bit loveless.

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Maison Han | Delicious Vietnamese Breakfast

I and my man have lived in China (Guangzhou Canton) for almost four years. During that time we also visited great places like Xi’An, Beijing, Shanghai, Macau and of course Hong Kong.

But we also visited other asian countries like Malaysia (Langkawi Borneo, Kota Kinabalu and Kuala Lumpur). And we also visited one of the most bautiful countries with great and friendly people and the best Asian foood ever: Vietnam. 

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Cleaning your shaving brush in style :)

I am sure that you already noticed, that I am very fond about my collection of beard products 🙂 And I’m also to keep those beautiful flasks neat and tidy. No need to say, that I take thourouhghly care of my shaving brush as well. After having a close shave I rinse it with luke-warm water to get all the soap out.

Now I found a product which was especially developed for cleaning shaving brushes. I found by coincidence it in the KaDeWe in Berlin. It’s called „Golddachs® Shaving Brush Cleaner“. Available at Amazon U.K & U.S.A.. I didn’t find it on a German e-shop.

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Rowdy Barbers | Stylish, professional and friendly

When I was visiting the Kollwitz Market Saturday last week and whilst strolling over the market buying fine food and enjoying a great breakfast, I discovered a barber shop. It is located in one of the monumental houses which used to be ruins when I arrived in Berlin 1997.

The barbershop is located in the walk-down (at the moment it is quite hot in Berlin, even though it is September) and it has a stylish masculine interior. The guys there are all experienced barbers for quite some years already. „My“ barber Stilian has worked in one of the best Barbers in good old London and he knows very well what he’s doing.

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The beard has been the symbol of manliness since time out of mine, close trimmed, full and properly manicured, even wild and bushy and out of control, the beard stands supreme. It has stood for many masculine virtues, including wisdom, strength, high social status, even sexual prowess, especially in warrior cultures. While there have been places that it hasn’t necessarily been in style, or even possible to grow for some, overall there has been a great deal of admiration and respect for someone sporting a fine beard. World Beard Day celebrates the beard and all it has been, become, and will be in days to come.

History of World Beard Day
Every year people gather in places all over the world to sport their beard, with various ways of celebrating all over the world. The origins of World Beard Day have been lost to history, which isn’t surprising considering that there is evidence that the Danish Vikings have held a day in honor of their beard going back as far as 800 AD. Back in those august days, there wasn’t a specific day held to honor the beard, but multiple celebrations throughout the region. Some of the celebrations are even a little crazy.

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